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Corona Safety & Assurance

1. Protect your employees by serving customers online vs in location. This will keep your employees and customers safer.

2. Protect your business by ensuring that, if there are closures, you will still be able to employ staff and produce income.

Easy To Learn

Training is minimal for employees and usually takes less than 20 minutes. Our systems and processes make it easy, so that you can focus on processing income-generating transactions.

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Transactions on Your Time/Normalize the Traffic

With our online system, you get to choose what time of day you'd like to process the transaction. This helps to hedge the people-flow in the office and normalizes a percentage of customers that would have visited in high-traffic times (Monday, Friday, Lunch Hour, Beginning or End-of-the-Month.). Your staff will be able to more efficiently help walk-in customers and will likely have a reduced level of stress during high-traffic times. 

Privatized Worksharing

We understand that times are stressful, staff is hard to keep and new staff is hard to train. If you're already at 100% capacity for transactions, we give you the ability to Off-Load your online transactions to other offices. The best part is, you still get paid for each transaction! This gives you the ability to utilize someone else's staff and resources while still making a profit.

On the flip side, if you are not hitting 100% capacity, we can On-Load transactions to your office in order to boost your capacity and maximize your office's potential income.

Either way is a win for your office!

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